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best interests for tlie future. It is the duty (as well as to the best

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farmer and settler to be allowed to attach their laterals to

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Sun. Contact: Washington Thoracic Society, (206) 441-5100.

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the defense of my own reputation as a humane man, to be thoroughly com-

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medical studies. From the habits of composition formed by the Uni-

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heavenly bodies, move on in their several orbits in lines

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. in four hours. The carbon dioxid of the blood (Frederici) was 30 volume

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depressed during sleep, and to rise as soon as the individual awakes.

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already been mentioned, and no inconsiderable part ascribed to

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" holy places " in Palestine and protection of Christian interests in

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6 1 605 a.p. Archiv fur experimentelle Pathologie und Pharma-

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mination of the patient ought on no account whatever to be neglected.

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sounds could be begun. But this method, which is sometimes

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jumping. It may originate in indigestion and constipation.

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tion in dil. sulfuric acid. [af\,^ is -f 42.1° in absolute alcohol;

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the penis, together with the eri'or of refraction, Dr.

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by his attempt at improvement, let him have the honesty

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tached adipose tissue. The right measures 4 x 3 x 0.5 cm. ; the left

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Dk. .1. W. WiiiTHKCK, of Kocliester, discusHed this

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coagulated serum, and their endothelium shows evidence of proliferation.

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tively seven and five years from the date when the renal malady

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is constantly increasing because of the popularity of low protein diets

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oppofite part, nor does it directly anfwer to the va-

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the mummy cloth of his sacred dead. Thus it will ap-

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tissue normally preserved at the apex and base, a dark disc was seen

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than twenty years since Spastic Paraplegia was definitely described.

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exists for obtaining a more accurate principle of judgment, and

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ever been obtained in an adult after refracture in the practice

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and be augmented by those appliances that are commonly used by

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disease. Special interest is attached to this bacillus, as it was the first

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hospitals in the former instance, comparatively late removal in

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of considerable antiquity, and arose from a recognition that