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previously described (p. 495) must be enforced, all move-

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the fcetus fills the orifice of the womb with its head.

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the financial situation of the country, which has been

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scissors. The polypus was the size and shape of a large orange.

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moved once in twenty-four hours, — the patient to be turned with the ori-

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Since vaccination is the best means now available for the control

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the disease is seldom transmitted through female offspring. Several

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nephritis, " twenty grammes, partly of white and partly of gray

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tion, and in considering the results it will be convenient to divide the

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nicked the neck of the sac in various directions, and was


identification. Apexcardiography records the movements of

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its widest part, the right half measures i cm. Surrounding the wound is an

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nervous system to visceral disease and disorder, I need scarcely

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mingled nationality, localities are reached which offer a strik-

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with finger on pulse; his last words, "The artery no

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brought before the public, and its successful and faithful work

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pleurisy than in cases of combined infection, but occasionally it involved

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lar emetic. Sometimes the symptoms of pneumonia do not kill

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and ilathgar, Pembroke, lilackrock, aud Kingstown), and in the City of Belfast,

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fully padded, adjusted, and strapped upon the forearm and band, then by simul-

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ment, if neglected previously, should be instituted at once to tone

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able showing the number of bacterid and presence oj colon bacilli found in samples taken

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the punishment inflicted on a homicide, in the way adopted in cases of

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Fruit and Jam — Vegetables — Milk the Stand-by — Ailments — Cankered Sore Mouth

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fices by the orthodox exhibition of cod-liver oil ; they

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kind. Tonic spasm of the neck muscles is a symptom in some cases. In

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for we see it more or less every year in the Eastern and

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6. Under the term ** Orbital aneurism" appear to be comprised several

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the ,skin in 7 cases, in paronychia in 1, in mastoid abscess in 1, in purulent

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radical treatment, the diagnosis is frequently vety difficult, but

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the surgeon's error cannot be remedied. A mere incision

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Text-Fig. 3. The fall in chlorine concentration of the second hypochlorite

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in some degree, and no further treatment was necessary.

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At the last meeting, held on May ioth, the death of the Presi-

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rise of temperature the prognosis is doubtful, in normal or sub-

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little himself about glanders, and that his knowledge of the seats of

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found it in the axilla and in the anal and inguinal folds of healthy persons

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new home. She soon returned, and in like manner took away the other

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I believe the case of Mr. G. was, as nearly as possible, a case of pulmon-

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had it not fallen into the hands of James Nihell, an Irish phy-