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especially if it affect both lungs, the greater the hope of an exemp-

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dition, such as suppression of accustomed discharges, inactivity, &c.

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and thus to prevent the concentration of the poison. Towards such a conclu-

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mounted on one of the royal horses, to a review of his

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without betraying much viciousness. Indeed, one gentleman ventured

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sweet and aromatic. The tree bears both male and female flowers in catkins

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State University of New York Health Science Center at

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shows beyond all question that the predecessors have

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The following day there was a slight jaundice. The mental con-

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b.m. -5 63 1 2 British Museum. Catalogue of the fossil Foraminifera.

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were going East. What a pandemonium there was the night the

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Then he assumes more than ever his professional solemnity,

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of water analysis, it may be useful to mention two methods of

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especially the distal portions of the limbs, but in severe

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like nearly all other sutures and ligatures, is quickly absorbed

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ty so to do ; nor has any anonymous individual the prerogative of stand-

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Montreal Gazette. Edited by Dr. Sutherland, Montreal. Com-

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Disturhances of Equilibration. — Both the most common and the most

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ten consecutive months. The Blue Shield allowance of

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gree of lever. Mr. Travers treated a case of varix of the sa-

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published in 1553, gives the first distinct description of chickenpox. Vidius,

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the involution of the rest of the body. Further, the inflexi-

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of febrile human subjects, respectively, will be dealt with here and

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bronchial tube which is occluded by an accumulation of mucus, the sound

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and very sudden changes of temperature must be avoided. In diseases

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uterus are already involved it should not be attempted.

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inflammatory changes would doubtless occur in hypertrophy of gums (just as

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alterations belonging to the disease itself from the many complications of

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I will now ask your attention to a brief consideration of the most deadly

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An issue having been made in the arm, the attacks were again

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by a membrane which has resulted from the union and suc-

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formula of Cohen and Pierskalla seemed more applicable toi

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from chorea, from damp and cold, and from mechanical injuries. As

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This secretion of milk lasted for two weeks, until stopped

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gone — that is when they have not been so long in spirit — they will

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the stomach, I found they had taken ardent spirits, or some-

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the vascular net-work which is expanded upon the air cells, and consequently,

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We have read this book with much satisfaction. Its object is to fill a

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Mauritius disease neurotic symptoms held a very subordinate position,

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is enlargement of these glands and are consequently unreliable.

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Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc. Scholarship Fund (1955). For scholarships

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some of our patients, who were laboring under other diseases. At fint

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M. dijpMheriiicws. — Granular ovoid cells, isolated, or more fre-

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Report of W. P. White, Heai/th Officer of the City of Louisville, from

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:nt Farms is taken from the maximum and minimum read-

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with total extirpation of the thyroid gland was dis-

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who hold it to be very rare. INIills has well summed

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On the night of August 15, 1902, I was called to attend a

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correctness of the diagnosis; several oi them, however, from five to seven

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the reflexes. In one case only, of melancholia, in which 30,