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gave flat tympany over the right renal region when the patient
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ogy. Assistant Attending Anesthesiologist, Memorial
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Ward, HI. R. Septic phlebitis with thrombus as a complication of
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as evidence that the papers are free from this danger-
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Fig. 46. -The effects of successive stimuli on skeletal and cardiac muscle to show the prominence
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the thorn from the thorn, .so surely does the typhoid virus
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ining the contents one hour after Ewald test-breakfast, the
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ABBOTT, Samuel W., Avon St., Wakefield — 1862. A. B.
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istic or pathognomonic symptoms, so clearly marked that
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colored ; spleen pale blue ; liver clay colored and hard, showing
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will discover evident marks of lameness. The spavin
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their relations to each other before they are actually
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In March 1890, twenty-nine years ago, this Society devoted one of its
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Bacterial phagocytosis was relatively infrequent in the large cells, but
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point contained in the specimen, for a pale, healthy structure and undi-
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equally great; and if so, it means that for some years prior to the war
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chance of surviving the operation and the resulting
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munity that did so much for the general culture and civic
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lame, and it seemed to me so severe an operation in an hospi-
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ment of choroid is always secondary, so that removal is
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tive when fed wet, but i^ot so when eaten dry ; as with wet
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despite its ability to occlude the nidus of a lesion. Ethyl
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logue of members of the Society in the published pnx " dings of the Annual Con-
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thrombosis in one respect, namely, in it also the calibre of the affected vessel
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gormandizing after sun-down, as if the chief end of man were
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arrest of their motion, as compared with what happens when
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1772 b. — Materia medica per regna tria naturae secundum genera differentias
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one, though the volume of the liquid contained in it be the same in
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more especially as this method claims to have fulfilled the indi-
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entire subject, which is not pertinent to the subject of this
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the last summer, in my service at the Presbyterian ■
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studied medicine the legal period. He must have paid all dues, must have com-
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outlook; "Most physicians enjoy the freedom and activities
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a large room with a heavy arsenical paper, and drew
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Green. — Dip in a solution of verdigris, to wliicli a little
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On the 13th she had another chill, with a temperature
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of percussion at the border between the edge of the consolidated and the