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up as follows: Ether is slower, requires much larger quantities,
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FLUID EXTRACT OF JAMAICA GINGER.ā€” Prepared from carefully selected root of
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peated applications of detergents 50 or the administration of a
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tions in different families of the animal kingdom or at
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complete abandonment of the drainage-tube. This remark also
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of influenza bacilli, pneumococci and streptococci, and they considered
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end of the warp. The same thing is true of the lower
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opportunity to explore the "Land of Enchantment'sā€
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Electrisation showed that there was diminution of the electrical
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which a presentation of a subject of interest to the group in general is undertaken by
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predispose these vessels to spasmodic and abnormal efforts to contract ? If
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anaesthetic Dr. Richardson ever experimented with ā€” viz., methylic ether gas.
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them from his window. He stepped out in the street ā€” u I am
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The laws of our society, though its incorporation dates back sixty-
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The specimens before me show considerable variation, but none
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children suffering from whooping-cough. Chloral hydrate is of considerable
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introduced by the urethra were sufficient to preserve the mucous
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consulting room. Here he did every variety of practice
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couragement of this statement, in the knowledge that
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may be very chronic, of limited extent, and encapsulated by new growth of
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of the large joints. This is true whether the trauma be accidental
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Blanton, Judith Womack, 1509 Rugby Avenue, Charlottes-
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macists and druggists of the United States, for their own
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the pulse weak. If left at rest for a short time he seemed to
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embraced in the Materia Medica. Of course, the absurdity of employing
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should always be preferred to the use of instruments, as it is far less dangerous
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each day, at such time of the day and at such place as shall be
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7. Morris: Nuclear Particles in Erythrocytes, The Archives Int. Med.,
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3. "A single bulla, or instead a group of herpetic vesicles, ('water pocks/