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prime importance from our present point of view. Elsewhere I

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Bruno's martyrdom, as well as the tragic end of many

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*• hydrate, treatment of poisoning by. By Dr. Brlenmeyer, Jun 107

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straight and supported his weight comfortably. I have since

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that *' quinine is, per 56, the remedy, in all forms, all stages, and all

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point lies in the migratory character of the pain in spinal irritation.

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cious in preventing many disorders, of which the following are

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by it. I was called on, and altieiKled widi' Tery great

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pulsation should cease, electro-galvanism might perpetuate the functions

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held, that acute disease of the gastro-intestinal tract render the individual more

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: was not of much value, and was very properly objected

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Medical College, supported by the State, and controlled either

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190 plus physicians, needs BC/BE Pediatrics, Internal

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sp-eitic effect. In the treatment of severe ordinary

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was found in 41.5 per cent, of cases containing germs;

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prominence on the swellmg frorn which the hair falls oil'.

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threw down an insoluble precipitate of sulphate of baryta.

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of whiskey were taken daily ; in one case two ounces of gin

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What Shall be the Mode of Procedure in Determining the Patho-

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Medicine, and Assistant Professor of Physiology and Phar-

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wet clothes, and to use outside wraps that will absorb wet

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favoured in Its onward progress, much less repeated. The result was thut all the

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Treatment. — A permanent cure cannot be made if the disease

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Asklepios is recorded to have smilingly jested with a

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that its decomposition in theliver and kidneys iscOiniterbafanced. The

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This disease is defined as a specific fever, characterized by intense

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the State, sells the land including water privileges

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is removed. He never hurts himself. There is rarely some

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on at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the last

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by the proximity of the wound to the ciliary region,

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to this observer only five such cases are on record ; his own, Bastianelli's,

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House (the Federal forts and General Lee's dismantled

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