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present trained to become army midwives. Sir Thomas Moly-
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name was well known in the world of Pathological Anatomy, and th§
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membraneous croup, diphtheria, tonsillitis, influenza,
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must suspect hemorrhage unless the history and phy-
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as yet appears from experimental research, increased pro-
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keep it from slipping off, and a rubber sheet must be spread over
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circidar fibres which are applied to the neck now slip over
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that speculative philosophy which has of late years crept into
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addition to those already offered, which are not abso-
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i i i'l illations and dehisions. He was very tremulous,
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cleansing of freight-cars by the railroad companies every time they
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be comparatively premature. There is an old superstition
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one pound of raisins ; wash, pick clean from grit, and dry,
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mental or physical infirmity , nor disability of any kind, which can
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compress, followed by the galvanic cautery or the local application of
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ing the closest attention to the symptomatology of these cases, I was unable during
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gological, Rhinological and Otological Society, With 169 Il-
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enough about life to do so, they might have lived longer.
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gases by means of aspiration. A fine trocar was passed into the
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green color, watery in consistency, with no evidence of any un-
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Oilier, M., on the means of augmenting the length of bones, and arresting their
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A portion of the Levulose was excreted as dextrose without
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1900 a. — Die Leukamie als Protozoeninfektion. Untersuchungen zur Aetiologie
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plano-convex water lense containing a solution of perman-
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included in the first two years of the medical curriculum: anatomy, both gross and
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and adnexa by the gynecologist, the undescended testi-
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sclerosis and Bright's disease. When caused by tubercular
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being cut out of the junction between the bar and foot pad.
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consequence of the intimate connection of the organs
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sooner or later observed. In the second stage of the affection, there
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complete abandonment of the drainage-tube. This remark also
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series it becomes primarily a susceptibility problem or hygiene
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