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united by suture in some manner, it was still generally

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both of whom have shown that when putrid blood is injected into the

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Sec. 1991. In case of any epidemic disease where premises have been previously

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tumor extended almost as high, though more rounded in outline,

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at once took my seat by ray patient, and waited nearly twenty

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tive organs — and this again depending on the free use of tobacco, tea, and

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Maine Legislature, and is the only Eclectic Medical College in

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the matter was simple; a physician had the right (indeed, the

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after five days in labour, she was delivered of a still-born female

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submission, the author(s) undersigned hereby transfers, as-

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let him send a competent man, or men, here, and examine with me

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tinue to be felt for thirty or forty days after the extremes

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to be accounted for except by the presence of malignant disease.

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at the same time I must avoid injuring it; and vet if

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they afford of spontaneous fracture, like that to which Dr.

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* No regular gold coinage deserving the name of currency in England

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enable the priest and the doctor to monopolize the influ-

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light disappear, and on letting in air again saw it re-

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addresses and papers, read and delivered at different dates, prefacing

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After thorough examination we are inclined to pronounce

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seen a case of the growth of the vegetable fungus in which

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to be given every three' hours, in a wineglass of sweetened

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Lesions of either soft tissues or cartilage in the neigh-

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rij^ated grain, I may mention that at the present time in

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Energy of aether-stress, energy- of aether-vortices, energy of

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tubercular disease, as tonics and ferruginous remedies had failed, and

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