Amaryllis Indoor Growing Kit

the above symptoms usually disappear quickly. The abnormally-de-
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means of the douche or Bpray, may be prepared by mixing: —
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horror which has come down in them from ancestors who lived in the
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proof. They may carry the bacilli in one of two ways: the infected
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of the eyes to the opposite side. And a case in confirmation of this
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in 34 of which the bronchial nodes were large and cherry ; also the
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cover-glass (just as in sputum) and fixing over a flame. Fixation is,
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the lining membrane of the mouth, we infer the state of the patient to
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with the toxins in the blood and so prevent the toxins from
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tures can always be secured by finding decaying oranges in the mar-
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The amount of milk consumed by the people of Los Angeles is 10,000 gallons
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acterized by much more rapid progress than was usually ob-
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was the duty of the Board of Guardians to granl that
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noticed ; menses delayed with above symptoms appearing in
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advise, therefore, isolation and disinfection of the nasal and buccal secre-
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kina, St. Petersb., 180'6, vii, 1066- 1068. — Arnstein ( F. )
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tion may yield negative results. In doubtful cases the procedure
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and associated with the existence of serous exudates, is always of
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which she had left on the 3rd. Daring the next fortnight many
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ipheral nerve, but complete control is divided between two
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dressed according to Professor Lister's directions with rag, putty,
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(T. M.) Fracture apparatus. No. 432888 ; July 22, 1890.—
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when he recovered he had lost his memory. He had even forgotten
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sions as "traumatic hystero-neurasthenia," came to be em-
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There is no means of determining in an individual case the
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tive enlargement, fatty and fibroid change ; they do not suffer,
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this condition. During the same year cases were reported by
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('ase VI. — J. C, itit. 27. History of epilejjsy for
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the transports during their return trip to the city. On
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that he had selected the term pelvic cellulitis because it con-
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and then pushing the tube downward into the stomach, when the water will flow
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ot trachoma met with in the City Hospital, and had acted admirably.
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Sderostoma duodenale is common in Egypt and in parts of
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V. External ocular examination. — Place the candidate facing a
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nious physician has made a perforation through the line of ad-
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and high-colored. The patient died, and a large gall-
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