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A. E. Orr, M.D., presented anatomical specimens of these conditions,

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peared to his friends in perfect health one evening suddenly took ill ; his face

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soft, velvety membrane and has reached its fullest thickness.

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water, and directed her to drink it ad libitum, so that the whole of it

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any significance was fought on her sacred soil. In contrast,

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are often white, with black letters shaded with colour,

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vical branches. This explains in part, at least, why the thoracic

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one could not deny the capricious vagaries which dis-

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table-spoonful of rose-water and a little nutmeg : boil with

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tion pointed to the growth being distinct from the base. There was nothing

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clues, of clues, that is, to sources of information not revealed in the

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with the development of the vascular system and the structure

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constitute the dangers of any local lesion of the skin ; and, considering

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the inclement weather of Brest, as most of the cases developed on the

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1888. — Males, 3 ; females, i : total, 4. Of these cases, all

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is a good plan in testing new laid eggs to apply the tongue to

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printed on the finest enameled paper. Price reasonable.

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as well as others mentioned, have now been answered " clearly and certainly,"

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a Treatise on Pathological Histology, which presents this matter for the first time in

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Another, whom we have always admired and honored, Oliver

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chairs, and billiard cues produced a kind of artificial chorea.

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" Here we found ten gentlemen cases originally of the worst forms of un-

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