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of its own. The earliest was that of George Henry Fox, and if in it

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weaker; the nose, ears, and extremities feel cool; the skin assumes a dark

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vertisement in a local newspaper and by handbills, and

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rhage into the cavity in the spinal canal, extending

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before the spasmodic stage begins. There may be muscular pains of con-

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quence that he despised, and sometimes showed that he

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arterial pressure. The quality of the blood flowing

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methods of treatment. The fact that the disease was

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The aim of the College was to teach its students all that was

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chicken, macaroni, some little bread. A gradual return to general

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of the Muscular System," by W. H. Lewis (Baltimore),

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plications, and General Treatment ; with Statistics concerning them as they

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for the gravity of the case, will smile when they read those

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our explanation of the great fact developed by these statistics. We refer to the

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not deemed wise to remove a piece for diagnosis. When seen

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tomed to work together, so that their duties are fa-

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investigating deaths by violence is to grow in esteem

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method of ])roductiou is of importance, and these are

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best. It is best taken with the food ; given with milk it is thus

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means, economy, case of administration, nicer classifi-

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than that which occurs from tumours in the Rolandic area.