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dusky. The lymph follicles, in the lower part of the esophagus, were
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parts beneath from being injured. If of iron or steel the attempt should be made
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films. Application for the services of a cinema camerist for this
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ous exudation of this plant may be substituted for mastic, which it
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parts beneath from being injured. If of iron or steel the attempt should be made
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3. A diabetic man who at first manifested resistance to the influence
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ally the same as Duchenne's statement made many years ago ; but M. Becquerel
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pain, his countenance marred by an unsightly eruption. After the lapse
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bacteriology, 93; Woltf, L., essentials of medical chemistry, 666;
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cava, penetrated the foramen of the latter in the diaphragm, and opened into
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reaction noted in this case that this child is suceptible to diphtheria
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sounds, dullness, and decreased vocal fremitus over the lef
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sister, Ella F. Spinney, and the gifts of fellow alumni and friends in
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The list given above is sufficient for almost any operation, but
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THE VAPO-CRESOLENE CO., Leemlng-Mnes Butldinc, Montreal, Canada
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neither a blowing sound, a grating sound, nor simple arterial rustling, but a
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areas. Examined with a hand lens, the sections show great variation
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when the inunctions were interrupted on one occasion, owing to skin
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was known to Linnaeus and has been frequently mentioned
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Hospital at Berlin three cases of cancer of the kidney were regis-
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while such premises are being used for the Irish swine, they at once
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Black Oxide of Manganese, of each a sufficient quantity.
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not at hand, by wrapping the string attached to the tent around
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Others injected the cultures directly into the duodenum of the animal.
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minor surgery with great success, but we are glad that the belief he
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will be most beneficial; and I must admit that in England I find the old plan
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and France waited anxiously for the announcement of
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"Nature while planting in so large a proportion of the human
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other affection as measles, hooping cough, &c. As in the adult,
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sleep out of the question, except by morphine, Tully's powder,
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whatever. Another lives, of no promise, and the mother is
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pearance of a reddish-brown broth contained within the coats.