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9. That operations such as appendicitis or somewhat similar
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Sanitarv inspectors, corps and division, will do well to carefully
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circumstances, and you will have to disentangle each particular truth,
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This sensible method, so unlike that usually followed
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burden to druggists and doctors and patients, and if our doctors
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tacking stubborn physical ailments, and of such vitalizing
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scarlet colour, and free from other matters. Nature seemed to have, by some roeani
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results of our experience in the investigation and supervision of man's j^ysical relations;
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the subject have been in progress since 1868, when E. Hallier, of Jena,
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ever uneven it may be, it forms a soft water cushion, and it serves, at
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iff-yiving streams the condition.s' they had sought.
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semblance to the latter, it assumes the character of scrofula ; that
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to small-pox but to revaccination time and again. The vaccina-
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sterile concentrated acetate solution (50 per cent) in 0.9 per cent
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constantly since its beginning experienced pain, bearing-down
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proportion of scientific men scorn to occupy themselves with them, and
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nephritis from compression). A typical case of "Schniirniere"
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one ; family history of tuberculosis and carcinoma ; previous history
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Another very important action, hardly mentioned by writers on
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9. That operations such as appendicitis or somewhat similar
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diarrhoeal diseases, whooping-cough, erysipelas and fevers) 361,
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as an eStsct of ulceration and rhage, as there is no ulcera-
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War medical literature, however, by American medical offi-