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activity — of rhythm, absorption, and secretion. (Medical Record,

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Botany, and Physiology. These courses may be taken concurrently with the

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lime and bicarbonate of magnesia. Thompson, of London, who

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the salt-bag method, generally arrived in excellent condition —

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and Surgeons, at its first annual meeting, September, 18S8.

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treated for rheumatism^ nervous exhaustion, brain fatigue, and

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tions; the one situated in the abdomen, the other in the hernial sac. The length

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The causes are similar to those of phrenitis. The dis-

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ing the syphilitic disease germ to a healthy person. In all

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carrots, but in moderate quantity. When rumination commences

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added to the doughy feel of the tumor, the fact that its form can

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then being gradually poured forth collect under the skin." From

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be applied, he says, but he does not give us the results of his experience with

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It is so seldom in general practice that sugar is found

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ference to ordinary lime water, in medicine. He prepares it as follows:

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Extirpation of the Larynx. — This operation has not been

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was cured, and no scar was left. Since then he has used a large

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ment the healing is unexpectedly rapid. Fresh churned but-

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skiagram is most helpful. The fluorescent screen enables the

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medicines, and aul uq their therapeutical uses, which form the bncU <>f

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vember last, and before the first of January a second edition was

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becoming under the sa.nction and direction of very high

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Often we have a combination of these organisms and not infrequently

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