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artificial illumination and curtailed physical activity, it is conceivable that

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deep to suture) ; packing ; chylorrhoea ceased on forty-second day.

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Squire, Dr. W., on the periods of infection in epidemic diseases 32

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times, after the death of the body. These, as well as all other

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should be speedily divided by the knife or scissors of a hospital

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had registered. Unable to distinguish the regular from the «• spurious in these

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pathological conditions of the alimentary tract upon digestion of

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the cause is congestion — we have violent active congestion, and possibly

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Dr. Langerhans, of Ijoipsic, has, in order to over-

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Cysts" is one of the best. It is well illustrated and will prove a valuable

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diet is taken. Hunyadd water acted well with our pa-

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presence can be detected. This, however, is of little or no

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Waterloo, wrote, ' I have never been fortunate enough to cure a

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sometimes produce a rise of several degrees in the rectal temperature

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practised principles of food fortification — remember?

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well; but they were the kind of cases alluded to by

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except in so far as it reduces, for the moment, the

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■ 'lances should bt made by money-order, draft, or registered

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years, it will be found that the term ozena was first applied to

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ner, only do not rub Indian meal on them. Dip in the

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unproductive, and after heavy rains produces partial

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' Goose egg white versus hen and turkey egg white. 29

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On questioning him, it was found that he did not suffer from

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during the summer months. People from the cities spend their vacations

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compounds with gelatin as the bases; namely, metal gelatinates

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communities, and some such wholesale sacrifices as that at Gloucester must

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heai-t, without any indication of valvular disease. After being

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Very many years ago, before any of the readers of the

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slow, and relief, from one of the most dangerous and disgusting dis-

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if the tent be not too large ; if there be any point for it to catch

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Gross,^ independently of each other, and without any knowledge as

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cess. Third. Those the pathology of which has been in a

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At first practical men were inclined to doubt these assertions,

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In view of these considerations, it is our belief that no other

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treatment of diseases of the lachrymal duct, and read a

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It is manifest that rheumatic myopathia may, as the author points out, be com-

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9.5th. Feels better; no pain or sickness at stomach; bowels well

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izing of crothing could best be accomplished either by the Herscher

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temporary teeth. EUenberger and Hofmeister have come

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causes, in the first place, a slight quickeniug of the puUc, and