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tion in 1846, who had in charge the whole subject of medical
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transformed, for aught we know, by the chemist, into a deadly agent.
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Art. XIII. — The Diseases which Prevail among Workers in Flax^
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announcement of his efforts in Connecticut was probably made at
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thickness, behind the peritoneum, pushing forwards the poste-
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spiratory quotient does not become abnormal in this experiment indicat-
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tion of ether, the adhesions were broken up by flexing and ro-
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spectacles, and even with those that suit him best his eyes soon
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ing from a slight j)haryngitis to most severe pneumonia.
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nearly all of these cases in enucleating pus tubes from below as well as
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Same Journal, Vol. m., page 174—1827. By Dr. Ellis.
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the skin to re-act upon the cold wet sheet, when it would otherwise not
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compression" as one of the best elements in the treatment, preventing, as it
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these events were drug related. Myocardial infarction occurred in about 4% of patients and
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Centennial Valley; August 18, 1895 (No. 1723 in part).
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tion in all essential points similar to that of India and Egypt. But of Peru and
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types of disease associated with atrophy of the brain, it is sufficient to
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these hospitals after their construction, being a member
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try divided up into about as many opposing cliques as there were
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This case was purely experimental, the aim being to produce
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typhus, with which at home they are absolutely unaccjuamtod. But it belongs to the
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and the mind, and rest them on the silent and dear darkness of night, ^ sowed with stars
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these a number of other cestodes have been met with in man ; and, doubt-
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the patient's Hfe, so that he is unable to inform us whether the condition of that organ
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allowed for the second opinion. It clearly discriminates
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result in the enervation and de-energization of the patient, and thus
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only which conveys disease. JEdes calopus (the yellow-fever
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fect development in which the anus has abnormal openings. Such
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We must here tell the Doctor frankly that we think his no-
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surgeon going to call that appendicitis and operate for a case of
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per cent to 55 per cent in the last three years of the century.
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Morbid anatomy. — The number of deaths from cocaine are few. It
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