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while the latter were thinking that the general com-
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through checking capillary circulation, but it probably does
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more or less paralysed ; yet even in these cases a careful examination
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in order to indicate any vessel or boat which may claim the benefit
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In proof of this it is only necessary to read the reports of not a
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" Ginral simptoms of congistive feavour. small Deprexed pulce, cold
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examination, fee £42. Eecipients must have attained the age of
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countable means, finds its way to the brain and settles itself there,
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my papers returned it saying, '' It is a dry book," and
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only, founded on 61 cases, of which 21 died. Bell ana Hennen
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tic of another disease, or dependent on it, until, too late, the
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was wounded, 31 if the treatment named can be provided for him
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tender in salt water, shaken in a sieve and well drained :
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gree of support to the motion of causation by lead,
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Tlie Lesser Mental and Moral Morbid Changes of Adolescejtce.
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each volume. Persons at a distance are requested to
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examination in all these cases revealed the following causes: a vascular
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abducted, but later it was held iimily to his side and the forearm
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publications of the Bureau of Animal Industry, and admit that the hog-
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ers of crude drugs in this country, in consequence of which they enjoy
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and a retraction of the head. The tongue was natural. The
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Treatment. — If small, it should not be interfered with. If
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forefoot is tied up to the surcingle if it is desired to lay
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Commencing at the eastern coast of Asia, beriberi occurs in Japan as far
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I ordered a bandage and pad to be applied so as to produce a
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measures adopted to stop the discharge are successful, the patient
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December 12th, while getting out of bed, fell in an unconscious condi-
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this julep will be rendered more efficacipus by the
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Conover, William S., 203 W. 13.5th St., New York, New York Co.