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Let us consider some of these statements more carefully.

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net calories required to maintain this weight averaged about 2,800,^ or

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differences between the two diseases, both from ex-

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early syphilis of the brain recover, the reports of cases with-

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being soft bad brutes for two years, utterly unable to

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and it can readily be imagined that to men reduced in nervous

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severe enough, the standing with joints partly bent, the

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all bedding in contact with the affected, manure, etc., should

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death. The matter discharg^ ftom the stomach wea black, and. had

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preference is given to the sulphuric. Sulphate of soda, in quarter-

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can live in saprophytic conditions in external medias.

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Lond., v. 18 (3), Sept., pp. 222-223. [W a , W m .]

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Dr. E. Saafeld has employed the remedy in 140 cases of

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ticularly, as I have just said, in the secretion of urine.

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' Robin (ChAhlbs) : — Note sur I'^at aaatomo-pathologique des 616ments du

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in the vertical position, d, diaphragm in i^osition of rest; cV, diaphragm on

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mation, dull pains in the right hypochondrium, and slight increase

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does not speak much French, and his statement that he had found a

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quite black ; but this error could hardly have been made in cases where

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dusky. The lymph follicles, in the lower part of the esophagus, were

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fever, but has remained free from all derangement of the

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cal ore, the sulphur et and lastly the Native Copper in lumps,

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Dr. Ettie Sayer said that last summer she had a severe case of pyorrhcea

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Art. II. Arrangements shall be made by the belligerent powers

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practical parts of our profession, many remnants of that ten-

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This service includes a comprehensive range of types, variations and shades of prepar-

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functions of the organs traversed, and without injury to blood-

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bronchodilation produced by endogenous and exogenous catecholamine stimulation of

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8. Luxurious and gross living should be avoided by the consumptive,

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which spread upwards and involved the large arteries. This idea oc-

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phied, undeveloped, generative organ was found and removed. The

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abundante la lluvia en la sierra" — in the spring, the greater the heat

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ciently pure. The exact extent of vitiation can be determined

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Morbid Anatomy. — (a) Acute bursitis, due usually to injury, may

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green vegetables alone. At this point the patient refused further hospital

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pleura before reaching the pericardium was very great, and

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the year 190-1 the average population of the first of these in-

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holds no opinion whatever on a given subject, the acceptance