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of a slight amount of organic pollution a knowledge of possible sources
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making matter. This is the case when Indian corn is used as
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such a degree that the oedematous brain tissue compressed the vessels,
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lasts, and cease as soon as the interruption of the circulation is suspended. 2. The pneumo-
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obtaining siich a large quantity of the antirabic substance in the
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by Dr. Starling Loving, of Columbus, Ohio, was read
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result of a host of facts, though additional evidence of the kind
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tionately longer time to fall to the normal. A normal tempera-
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ing-stations, with the ambulance conveyances working with the
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tomy; (4) the hemorrhage for which the operation is so often
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so that when a plant or animal dies it will begin at once to
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so complete that his only response was " Yes, sir."
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now and then a disease not given over to germs. Starr says:
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manent, the actual exciting cause is usually congestion. This is a
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gree of general depression, (c. Colchicum in Chap. IV,)
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neath, we are told. By very slight but rapid muscular move-
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consider the substantial support given to the opposite side by the Uver, the
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disinfect all they have come in contact with ; watch the
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many courtesies and favors, especially in tendering their
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water of the system then passes through the pores of the skin.
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and the skin-texture itself is being continually renewed, the dried scarf-
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an intermittent character ; the pain recurring, every day or each
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theories just mentioned, and which seems to agree better with our
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of the scapula, especially in those who carry weights on their shoulders. In
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severe than I had ever seen pleuritic pain, but also more
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Frequently in the histories of pellagrous women childbirth just pre-
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to command much attention. They are, in fact, true animal alka-
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No time is lost in so doing, as generally the parts are
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For quickness of action the mixture thus described does not approach sim-
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fluence, as strong coffee never had any effect on him.
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The significance, according to our experience, of acidosis in each
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in nephrophthisis, 684 ; in perinephritis, 594 ; in
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39. The senior author is indebted to Dr. F. P. Gay for some of the strains
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Turning to the subject of vomiting in pregnancy^ Dr. Barnes said *Mhat up
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tent of which was increased by the administration of potassium iodide.