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of soda: make it clean.*' After this solution is applied the floors are dried with rubber
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tively unimportant topics. A better arrangement would
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the surface is shown hypertrophic squamous epithelium which is becom-
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a large number of carcasses per hour. Unlike the old method of individual slaughter
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transverse paralysis (paraplegia), or loss of power of the hind
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tered the methods. Today with the advantages of collateral medicine,
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eses of these authors cannot be neglected, especially as experimental
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ment (Fig. 6) and slight evidences of growth about fragments taken
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usual super-abundance of “self checkings,” “self rat-
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Medical Director, Monsanto Chemical Company; Assistant
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9. Floor plan and longitudinal section of two-story stable for 100
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The Iteef'trimming room was In fairly clean condition. Several pieces of tainted meat
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ill tlio same \ iseiis. Tlio liianelies runnin<; from tlio inferior mesenteric
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’“*• L' s< •“•;‘«s^ •'•T“ “"-“”f ''
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catarrhal condition of the gastro-intestinal tract may be noted as a
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- 1 „„r ,. ...■..•I,..,I. as ... l.n.. .....,, „,., s„,,,.,. „l,i..h ,.„p,,,,s is no, ,,11 of
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I'MMiialili' i-umlitiiiii 'I'Ik' iini'stinii ran rntainlx imt In' aiiswci'cd liv
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with the new conditions. Their mental attitude is illustrated by the
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been obtained in experiments upon cattle and apply specifically only
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the pulmonary artery showed extensive scarring. The right main branch,
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the H oxidaticni.' There can he no ihrnht that liotli iiroeesses can occur
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the collector to the analyst, or else placed in some designated compartment to which
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il,f t.peration, ami whieh pn.hahly affeet the ecrehellar pe.hineles. At
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grees. If this angle is greater we have what is known as a straight
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No more than four head of cattle will be allowed In each pen, except at the ends of a
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holds the support still more closely about the lumbar spine.
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gations show that the bacillus of mammalian tuberculosis requires a
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Bayne-Jones, S., Carcinoma of the pleura with hypertrophic osteoar-
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tliey UK'iliate are uiidonlitedly reversilile in (diaractcr, it is prolialile tliat
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chiatric factor in pancreatic disease has been little
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ture site. It was on the basis of this roentgram by Dr. I. H.
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spinal roots. In the former case no action current is observed, but it is
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people were working. The place is dark, wet, and altogether in a most unsuitable con-
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bear a label with a personal statement of the manufacturer that the meat contained
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in cattle, but not for osteoporosis in horses, since the latter disease is
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Bpitoicks or ths Thbbe Cases or Poltak as Cited bt Haseis.
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been observed. The cultures prepared have shown no evidence of toxic
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the number of imported animals of each sex registered, with the countries from which
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uneven and in a dirty, insanitary condition. The workmen of this establishment use
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tho pituitary jk riiiliiUnrisiii lieiriu sooner or later to show tlieiu-
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It then .|uicklv declines and an inhihitory inlhicnce appears in ahoiit
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IX. The Treatment of Bacterluria by Internal Medication. By John W.
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tight roof. Coolers were In fair condition and all artificial light In the coolers.
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164. CooPEB, Sib A. : (The original article could not be located.)