A female opium eater in London (says Dr. Williams) had but

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having to wait a year before they could j)resent themselves for

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Jackson and Beevor have described a case of olfactory aura

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the fact that most people who take it do not get well,

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the body the bronzing was apparent, and the ears, fingers, and toes

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cholangitis, it should be attached to the aponeurosis and peri-

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remedy par excellence, one-eighth grain often acting as well as a larger

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cells. The blood count showed 15,000 leucocytes with 70 per cent

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bibulous paper are charged with the several reagents and these are neatly


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will surely predispose the animal to attacks of catarrhal inflammation

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the portal vein and causing their thrombosis. The first chill occurred on the

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elements. These cells also surround the hair shafts and the ducts of the

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De Haen, the pupU of Van Swieten, but not his follower in this

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Where there is tuberculosis in a herd, Bang's method should

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logwood, to each lb. of good's, boil 1 hour and let cool until

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let fover one and a half years previously, fell into a state of chronic marasmus, and

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posed in a practice which has had, for a long time, the sanction of our

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while in the bovine female it always exudes from the

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much less frequent than formerly, is occurring here and there in every

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cows. He examined the spleen, the kidneys, the lungs, the muscular

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of this sort, — as, for instance, in the faucial tonsils of the rabbit

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may be employed. Fractional parts of a dollar may be written in sev-

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Italy a strong and interesting letter of dissent; but

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accelerate reactions, such as the splitting of cane sugar (C 12 H 22 U ) into

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Wyoming University Experiment Farm, - - B. C. Buffum, Sup't

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long a period as one year, but it may become inert within a month after the

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stances is sufficient to keep the surface of the body cooled down

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a well adjusted bandage, and in addition to the use of means

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Staphylococcus pyogenes albus. — Ctultivated by Eosenbach from pus in

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stasis is common and may be extreme, especially over the back, but does not

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vessels. This prevents the escape of the blood, and its consequent

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family ought to have this article in the house. Let it

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hear a little ; if by the aid of ear-trumpet the human voice can be

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the inclement weather of Brest, as most of the cases developed on the

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measure, but also as far as possible to limit its application even as a

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the nerve is probably also in part due to pre-ganglionic fibers

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marked after the third injection, the calves showed no pro-

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what they are graduates. This is only a protection which the

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horses, which are used because they are most easily handled, and

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are partly cooked. Eice requires rapid boiling; the motion of the

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derfuUy made, is but an infinitely developed migrating leuco-

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November 1 1-13— Rural Perinatal Traineeship Program. Children’s Hos-