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9 others a catarrhal discharge. The author feels that deafness in children,

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and instructive story of the struggles and failures and successes of

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Prevention (Irelaud) Act, 1908," ,n the Dublin Registration Area (viz.-Jhe CUy o

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save for the wagon guard, the hospital guard, if the season requires

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more toxic, dissolves metals more readily, and in all its other chemical

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difficult, and in the cases in which there are only ter-

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of human maladies, that is claiming a greater share of victims

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Two classes of coal are found in our, country — the bi-

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ployed the extra-peritoneal method in the hysterecto-

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to select its President from the locality where tlie sessions

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though after-treatment may require essential modification, in conse-

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that if more care were expended in determining the actual

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of a deformity of the face due to a swemng about the upper jaw on

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lectures at the Royal College of Surgeons during 1 860, mentioned

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resistance, but when once it is magnetized it holds it. We have

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nothing more than that from July 20 to August 5, sixteen

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practically improved, showing very slight symptoms.

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taut Inspector-General, 98d Army Corps. President of the Boilrd con-

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M. Bouilly, among several thousand operations, had only observed

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physiological process. Its consequences are best studied in relation to

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and vomiting, is mildly diuretic, and agreeably stimulating. It should be

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Kurorten) at most of the medicinal spas. According to Surgeon-General

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the state of the body, and that, without any physical

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be clearly understood that far more reliance is to be placed on

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vesicular, eruption within a dermatomal distribution. Fre-

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this difficulty, but rely mainly on having the patient's sto-

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I for one think it is high time for some of our Medical

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Dr. W. Horace Hosktns, Philadelphia, fell on the ice on

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thoroughly disinfected and which were recently occupied byj

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in some degree, and no further treatment was necessary.

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concurring otherwise to promote the medicinal effect of the baths.

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rotischen Prozesse am Becken und unterer Extremitat.

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fending material remains in situ lessens the chances more and more,

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differ clinically from bronchopneumonia. There is severe cough, dyspnoea,

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delayed in proportion to the length of time the stage of asphyxia

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was more than four times that of other cases. It does not, however,