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arried out into tlie streets under cover of darkness and

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Assistant Surgeon-General L. L.. Williams, chairman; Assist-

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diseases, whooping cough, erysipelas, fevers and consumption)

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of its provisions is preferable to that of Germany.

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In discussion — Dr. Jacobi thought the case was '

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cough 91, diphtheria 64, measles 105, smallpox IS, scarlet fever

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College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, in 1895. He

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of the nose remote from its source, either by gravity

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developed a cirrhosis of the liver. She left the hos-

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fre-e and executed with ge)e)el stre-ngth. Tlie- knee jerks

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sensations, fever, slight cough, headache, nausea and

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increased, with an increased demand, u^) to seventy-

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those arising on an alcoholic basis. The outbreak of

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medicine called Battle/s solution, or in some articles

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2«Mallory. Journ. of Exp. Med., 1898, vol. iii. p. 611.

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clusion is that the sinus disease resulted from in-

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overwork ; to adverse locality, microbic atmosphere,

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have said in the issue of the Advertiser of April 21, 1903,

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!omplicated, stones in the cystic duct, stones in the

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Aug. 1 , the death-rate was 14.4. Deaths reported, 4,158; acute

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the irrigation is best carried out by filling and emp-

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makes it the duty of the registrar issuing the permit to

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('ASE XLII. Ne'phre'e-tomy. Pye-le)ne-i)hritis. De)wne.'i'

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is high, a spark will pass through the glass walls,

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so that all portions of the nasal cavity are below the

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Nasliville, Tenn. ; Second Vice-President, Dr. Isa-

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physiological action, which gives us a rational basis