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12. It is, however, to be noticed that the pancreatic juice is
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It is probable — although we have no exact statistical information
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The current of venous blood is then nearly quite obstructed, and
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P.E.L; Cameron, A. B., Lancaster, Ont.; Chandler, A. B., B.A., Mon-
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destruction of bone and soft tissues is governed entirely by
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Some of the VIII root fibers at their entrance into the oblon-
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have recovered completely, without any apparent injury (Fig. 2).
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septic, but soon healed under treatment. In August, 1913, one or two
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be student, expressed satisfaction at the result, and gave to the project
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Treatment. — ^Operated immediately, removing a section of
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economy, of phosphorus in an oxydizable condition. The chemical
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patients excessively low, and fluctuating only within very narrow
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twenty-seven infants in Sweden imder 4 years no distinct traces of
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In two hours she took a bowl of soup with quite a degree of
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its other functions are purely secondary and adven-
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20 pounds of wood in cooking for a hundred men, instead of several
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mechanical injury, through the equine larvae or bots.
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This case presented some features which might lead one to
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power and greater formidableness ? or have the constitution
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from tuberculous cows. The animal will present all symptoms of
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left internal rectus muscle supplied by the left 3rd nerve, was to
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coincidence." The improved sanitation of modern times ; the change for
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which, on examination, proves to be the long suppressed ^. /tf-
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mitted within five days or removed to a hospital. It
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and there was no evidence of fixation or neutralization of the injected
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ing the Peninsular war, has asserted that sometimes the consti-