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^jest safeguard of their interests in such matters is to

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oScial, whose duty it was, after the receipt of information from A., to

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not applied in accordance with Holmgren's precise instruc-

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letter I communicated with my friend at Hitchin and with

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clotting. It is not so marked as before the use of alcohol, because this

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inhaling. The Anti-Phthisis Oil would be extra. I should advise him

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reasons it was only probable that sometimes the dark cohmr

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Tumours of the Meatus." As has been pointed Out by Mr.

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pressure by division of the splanchnics (Experiment 3, Con-

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the rarest cases (if any) of Dr. Holden's Class C that his advice

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that fluoride of sodium added to fluids to the amount of 1

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F. W. JoEDAN, L.R.C.P.Lond., Vice-President, in the Chair.

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rapidly it has grown into popular favour in recent years.

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at the cost of the local authorities or by agreement with them on the part

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'•judicial persecution." The only remedy appears to be an

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dency to localisation, lengthening, lowt^ring, and even dis-

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stomach was so fixed by the tumour that it ndded to the ditficuHy, aud

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diffusion than by severity of attack. But, apart from these

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epidemic plainly distinguished the better vaccinated amongst

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We have happily in both political parties public men who,

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one if the chloroform be administered in the usual way— by

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and he himself knew of 21 cases. All had come under observa-

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Lord Coleridge : Possibly the trial of this action may save the trial of

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tlie marked line of incision, and the suture is kept as muclx ,

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Pattin, H. Cooper, M.A., D.P.H., M.B.Cantab, appointed Medical Officer

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sanction in their endeavour to drive a coach and six through

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It appears to be trifling with the authority which the Pltarina-

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that of rolling veldt or prairie at a high level. Taking

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sent year to 188, giving a weekly average oJ 23 deaths. The

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may be drawn up and generally adopted, and that similar

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particle of the body existed which was not sensitive and did

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Surgeon-Major O. Baker. Bengal Establishment, is appoiutedHonorary