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loins, the surface of which is cnickod, and bleeds considerably, is also

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corpus luteum is the part of the ovary which exerts the most active

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itself at the same age among all the members of certain

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had personal experience in statistical inquiries can appreciate

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ished must of necessity die also. In fact the tooth, hav-

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comparative value except from the point of view of statistics, because he saw

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to the middle of the second lumbar segment; in a third it

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of the median portion of the prostate, the so-called middle lobe, which lies

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placed in the thoracic cavity, these symptoms ascertainable by palpa-

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vital powers. The statement that patients with pneumonitis should be

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464 Pathological Anatomy of Cerebrospinal Meningitis.

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— Governing Bodies — Relations of the Medical Staff and

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stace of loco jwisoning. under treatment. Heifer was sold for fat

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Seeing no chance for any other result than an arti-

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nodes to be flooded with the sap and the inhibitory substances con-

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manifestations and have nothing to do with Sydenham's chorea.

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Chronic Interacinar Pancreatitis \A/ith Diabetes Mellitus.

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gall-stones themselves. The surgeon sees gall-bladders

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have been perfectly regular. The eruption comes out well, and the

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Another medal of the value of |^25 was offered for the best es-

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ren to midwifery and that of medical juris j diploma; and the name of the preceptor

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Sixth Day: Wednesday, September 11th, 9 a.m. — The Pre-

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disbelief in the ancient faith, and was known by only one friend. . . .

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Before the use of human blood, the mortality in this condition was from

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Ballard) has presented the results of his extensive experience with

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becomes rapidly enlarged; there may be some elevation of tem-

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stomach tube, but owing to a former lack of experience, I have

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drowsy at others. Urine and faeces are now passed in-

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rence, and frequently the hand assumed a *' sprawling " appear-

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biicher," Band clvii, s. 73. An elaborate article, extending through five issues of the journal.

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sion when it is engaged in warm discussions of ques-

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and will not inflate it. Under these circumstances the tube is left in>.

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cities. But in the small places these outward difficul-

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of a medical schmil legallv authorized to confer the

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abdomen began to be more severe. After eight or ten hours the bowels

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over 120 is always a serious matter in an adult ; and when it exceeds 150