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Graduate Studies There is a fully accredited three-year residency training program in the
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often one of the earliest symptoms ; there is a tendency to exaggerate
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needle, which is passed behind the iris and lens ; this needle is threaded
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of our fellow practitioners to be on the lookout for adenoids in
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service. We can and ought to do more for the teaching of the undergraduate.
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The chest cavity should not be washed out unless the pus is
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operations. The occurrence of such symptoms would seem to suggest that the
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the guns around us have been hurling their message of hate into
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complaint still lurks in his system, ready at any favorable time,
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Case 1. — The first case was a woman of tweuty-tive, under
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a meridian arc of which is carried by the compass. This arc
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the valets, and sleep does not return unless, as often,
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seats of the disease, and declared it to be an acute enteritis by
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to all other branches in medicine. Demonstration will
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"We are shown the country in early winter, when the mists make
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mera ; it is time that some one dispelled the illusions and