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II The adjourned discussion on Dr Strethill Wright s paper on
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is flexion of the neck toward the affected side. The salivary secretion is
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disorders is the coprophagy the impulse to eat their own
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making a will. If the child subsequently died then the father became
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Injections. Dr. Steffanini relates the case of a girl
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Wards opened in and the restoration of the students
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aches upon Abnormal Conditions of the Nasal Passages by Dr.
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mon after gunshot resections than after operations for
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sometimes crescentic and visible only at one side sometimes
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bath. Warm drinks may also be given and if there are no
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ward nursing and the substitution of a skilled trained nurse.
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pores of a filter and consequently may not permit the free passage of
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omentum j this Avas about the size of the stomach itself was
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S dillot was performed at the middle third of the leg
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the operation. There had been no return of the her
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byterian Hospital by one of another similar institution
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peritonitis was found. Death occurred days after operation about
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There Avas cAidence that the infectiAC agent remained in the body
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large amount of pus in his abdominal cavity. The patient lived six