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of connective tissue, closely united to the same tissue of the lung. In
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in the past cauterized a syphiloma perhaps once: the
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attendants. Further, it seemed to produce cj'clical symptoms, as in
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for the ashes of the dead. If relatives prefer, they are allowed
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of a case in which mercury seemed to subserve a useful
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Cases thus constantly arise which appear to give countenance
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according to their nature, be looked upon as identical dis-
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patholojrical processes, and that their true nature can be recognized only
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their sphincters, necessitating the use of catheter and cathartics by
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severity of the pain and of the fever, does not as a rule cause mental troubles.
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Another reason for the general neglect, in this country, of the
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Paget's patient was much given to cold douches and hydrotherapy, standing
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essentially a different condition and to be considered separately.
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was dilated into a large aneurismal tumor, thirteen inches in circumference, and contained a
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of that established at Savemake, Wilts, containing nine beds,
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inch, one and a half inch being out of sight. The wound
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then was connected with a long oblique incision along the
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with the clinical findings on the day of onset it might
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visceral inflammations is common. It is generally found
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anything ever belbre enjoyed in this citj', it is reasona-
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subject of coordination of pos graduate medical edu-
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who hardly ever took meat, became very ill after an
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The members of one troop of the Bonn hussars regiment had daily
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substituting a bladder for the stomach of a dog than any warrant
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There are, however, cases which are too weak to bear even this
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that were caused by the germ of grip, or the poison. I have seen
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eye is convenient, but a No. 6 male catheter opening into a soda-water bottle
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med.-cbir. Presse, Budapest, 1885, xxi, 803-805.— Shiokker
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irritative and involve the cortical centre, Jacksonian epilepsy
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14. Pane : Gaz. degll Osped. e delle Clin., Jan. 80, 1808.
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The present condition of the patient, as revealed by
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