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we possess no specific drug for Bright 's disease. [Von Noorden urges

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is useful to combat. We have satisfied ourselves that the hot-

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have reason to believe, than has ever been appended to a similar document in

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number following the S indicates the number of selections made

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Next day symptoms of erysipelas showed themselves, for which he

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avoided, the bowels kept open, and any severe coughing stopped. If it

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centimetre. The maximum dose is 2 c.c. (Baudelier-Ropke). The author

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conclusively that we are dealing with a general disease, not a local

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aid in keeping it quiet. The patient stands in front of the physician

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tion that he could slightly raise the right arm. His breathing was

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diminished in quantity, but such cases are rarely the subject of

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was the benefit confined to the promotion of sleep ; in six hours

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and dry; it is best drawn into the tube when hot, and all

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manner in which the inflammatory swellings are formed. " When

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two had been immunized by several injections: No. 248 intrave-

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tion. On the 14th October 1869, I was asked by Dr Menzics to

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ferred to the subculture tubes for observation as to the effect of

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between the pavilions." 2. " The space between the pavilions should

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I mentioned that the premonitory symptoms in the children were

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second bottle (Dilution II) and to it is added 4i^ c.c. of the diluent.

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isms are thus separated from those of other groups, but because of

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diabetes : **Take 1 litre of skim milk, heat to a temperature of 38° C, and

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The point of view which is taken here also somewhat simplifies

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it was a general custom in this country to have all deaths registered

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has among other advantages over Phoenix a more stimulating climate.

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titis. It is true that many of the morbid symptoms caused by

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avoided on account of their hippuric acid,) bread and rolls, fat in the

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Even after the sputum shows no sign of decomposition, 10-20 drops

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almost empty, from the rapidity with which the patients are enabled

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no larger than the opposite one. It was soft, fluctuated, was dull

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It is a striking coincidence that in three diseases produced by micro-organisms which apparently can*

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large." " Still further forward, at the root of the olfactory nerve,

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Savage, W. G. 1906. "Streptococci and Leucocytes in Milk," Jour. Hyg., 6, pp.

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