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greater frequency in the veins than in the arteries.
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Dr. Geo. Blumer : I agree with Dr. Cabot that the laboratory and
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the latter being the fact of so many other substances giving the same
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through the hair to the skin, then put a newspaper over and then cover
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quantity of a i [jcr cent, solution is rarely required.
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uses of the drug as he had employed it for the preceding sixteen
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I for it to appear in court for trial. There is another
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Bald Mountain, August 15, 1892; LaPlata Mines, August 23,
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tumiM. lie had found this to be a remarkably j-arly
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number, and all sorts of spring flowers strewed on the table,
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active participant in the affairs of the Mercer County
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saying — *'I hope the cure of this case by compression may help to modente
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ferments are by no means so important factors in the
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neither bordering on fatness nor emaciation. Even in this sense of
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recommenced, the appetite was lost, the mental fac-
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Abram Du Bois, beg leave to present the following :
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to a minor degree in some of the men, and the reforms are so inti-
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due to a natural and universal instinct. This once admitted, he argues
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Treatise. He has " adopted, as far as possible, a clin-
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the fluid obtained from a spina bifida by Hoppe-Seyler contained a
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talked about nowadays. He had been in practice for twenty years
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ber, 1855, with an immense thorough-pin on the off hock. The
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eases termed ' granulomes,' and defined as a malady having a tend-
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ment and interval, but the head is turned as little as possible for this
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the animal the greater the activity of the serum in producing this phenom-
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ingenuity 9 and demands the possession of a fair amount of
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of the cord may be the result of transmission of energy from a
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others. Cullen, in speaking of pneumonia, evidently
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the posterior fossa. These fractures are usually linear because the
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after great straining. She found that on lying down the pain sub-
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ally there is inability to rise when the horse is down. It invariably fol-
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mucoMS structures, and its effect in promoting the healthy secretion of
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must ultimately prove fatal. I have been led to the above
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struation of infants we see recorded, may have been simply
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fession to prove the worth of voluntary medical insur-
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of undue force. The paretic condition of the bowel and its
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be distinguished from the surrounding fat ; but in slight cases they are