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then give a dose of castor-oil ; if the effect is not produced,
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cent solution in quantity sufficient for a day's experiments. This 2
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when we shall have learnt how the disease is propagated.
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and thus avert the risk of inflammatory action, so easy to light
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about lipomyoma of the uterus. Seegar (1853) reported a fatty
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give him a prior claim to the removal of the lower jaw for osteo-sarcoma. If the
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A chronic balanitis, with thickening of the prepuce,
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with, it is unnecessary for me to say more about improve-
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about eight months after operation yielded somewhat different results.
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the thoroughness and frequency of the washing of the local
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Anthrax in Poultry. — As the disease develops in them they get
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Acidum Hydrochloricum Dilutum (Hydrochloric acid 100, water
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his early paper described this warty appearance and stated that
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and the difficulty of breathing which precede death. In all the
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beneficial than mercury m the treatment of these cases.
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chloride, one of which dissolved in a fixed quantity of hot water will
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half million copies of the book were sold, and it be-
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catheterism difficult from prostatic obstruction. Suprapubic explora-
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of elastic tissue from which strands of elastic fibres run out radially
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act regularly. The few exceptional instances where attempts to
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^imes in his bed, what he thought he could beft exprefs by call-
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asleep for an hour or two, during which time there may be a pronounced
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raise this offering and so live free from disease."
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whole littoral, whatsoever was the nature of the soil. I have been
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small medical politicians whose chief ambition is to become a Grand
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used for (a) the preparation of scar tissue for or after operation: (h)
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tionment, or are resultants of lines of error in the re-
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and showed that of the wounded we lost two for their one. I
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