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The brain may be so shocked through the senses that for a time the
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for an hour, the temperature graaually falling to 103°, when
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generative affections, which form so large a proj)or-
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made, it is very difficult to draw any conclusions from the observa-
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pital on Staten Ishind, Aufjjust, 1887. It was transferred to Washinjjton, with
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a moist state, formed with honey, milk, sugar, ghee,
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Torsion of the omentum as might be expected is very painful.
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Prognosis. — Death occurs oftener in multiparas than in primiparse.
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kiss your little Ellen, won't you ? I can't go to sleep. I won r t
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mative catarrh. The bacteria found usually belong to
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1.5 gm. of the mixed cerebrosides were heated with 75 cc. of 3 per cent sulfuric
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are frequently the victims of sudi accidents. Locomotive engineers
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present themselves within the prescribed limit of time, notwithstand-
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was so large, being something like a hump on the uterine wall.
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5 See also Am. Journal of the Med. Sciences, October, 1887, p. 519.
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fully distended, and that you distend them up to the
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intimate with Dr. Jones coi;ld realise how much the profession had
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Feeding of cakes each containing 0.001 gm. thyroid commenced.
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Ringer's fluid contained 0.10 per cent dextrose. The two control
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in this country and abroad. Modified virus is obtained by vari-
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ceeded, in the case of the tricycle, in producing a system-
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vent its securing a foothold. In all of them active meas-
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for its recovery, thai the patient should recover where
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many of them will be found to yield to intelligent home treatment, and
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1. Cough is almost always present, dependent upon a moder-
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Dr. Graily Hewitt stated that he had seen one case where the perchloride
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be a mistake to base conclusions on the differences between these aver-
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children are our future," he said. And since this would not be an
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Eight drachms of aloes and one drachm of calomel should be
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the conjunctiva. I know of one case where, after all kinds of treat-
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erly said to be of a mulberry form, whereas they are, more
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undergo another mastication, and are again saturated with the
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July 29, 1895, two forms of it. (Nos. 1450 and 1478).
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far as possible, and the blood kept in good condition as to its
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(6) External disinfection is the practice in which we are at