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plished by less severe measures ; I determined to try,

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of the right ovary increased, and a boggy tumor gradually

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ber of this journal for April last, the abstract of a paper read at

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14rJ potmds of true resin, at the expense of 18 gallons of strong

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point of hatching, or rather, that the young one comes

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the needle is attached to the anode, cauterization will result and

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justify. He speaks, on the wliole, favourably of of)erations

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sustituted without harm, the haste with which some imita-


and iodide of potassium is prescribed. Bandages are used in all the forms of

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hemorrhage from the b^inning of the illness, it is propOT at onoe to

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the approximate proportions being shown in the following

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Table I. — Tlie Approximate Cost oftlie Minimum Curriculum for Degrees

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of each 10 drops, nitrate of potash, i drachm, charcoal,

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weight, then, from that cause alone, without estimating the effects

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shapes and dimensions. A large proportion of these fragments

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\hernethy's method is rather declining in general estimation. At

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often diff"ers widely from that of simple inflammation. In its progress

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le reading of the lowest temperature since the instru-

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assistant surgeon U. S. A., on November 11, 1884. He

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noise a large shell produces when held near the ear. When the au-

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imitated. Send for our pamphlet on "Hydrastis and its Preparations."

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tion than they do in any other part of the brain. Haemorrhage into the

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a tendency to vomit, it was to be discontinued. It wa.s given

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illary region where it terminates in the loosely aggregated anlage

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doluerunt, facile qiiidetn pariunt •, verum ft febricitenr,

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was necessary that sufficient force should be used to

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Hopkins program started under the Open Society Institute as a summer program. The program is

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Another equally important symptom is cyanosis of the

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carefully studied a considerable number of hospital cases, and had come

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had a little deposit of earthy matter in a few of its larger biliary

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affection, right, and even decency, — vast as the interval may

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the king. It was a fine, well-drilled, and creditable

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1979, University of Georgia; Ph.D. 1983. University of

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pitchers and bowls were provided, but usually the stu-

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it is often copious and persistent, possessing considerable

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Public vaccinators. — -A general impression prevails that it is no part

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the money which will be voted by the provinces themselves to sup-

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sorrow over the land among the children of parents who used to

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and that the President and Secretaries of the Association are hereby authorised to carry

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