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The anterior border A is the crest of the tibia which,

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be tried. If there are only a few vesicles, I have often touched

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disease from eating raw meat ; 2 out of 630 diseased from cold sau-

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internal coat of the aorta was seen to be slightly atheromatous,

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lungs, liver, spleen, or kidneys, after death. No doubt death may occur from

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stance will this ambulance be used for any other pur-

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saiily happen that the fluids contained in the cyst will escape into

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fessor Polk did not have an oj^portunity of reading the

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of masters to servants, of the farmer to his labourers,

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aims of disinfection, and established the best methods of ensuring

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than this, there is ample reason to think that in some cases they do

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the next no trouble whatever. In the third stage, however, the swallowing

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factory in a few cases in which no gross lesion could be detected.

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for, being momentarily held, as it were, at that point, the escaping

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some cases of undoubted and uncured syphilis will give a negative result,

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of the native goats are passive carriers of the Micrococcus Meli-

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manent, the actual exciting cause is usually congestion. This is a

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eral years, and the ingestion of even a moderate meal of beef

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duced in text-books, and remains a dogma which has long

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exercise their toxic effect in an entirely different manner.

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scalding pain at that region, which would last a considerable time after

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coupler and terminating beneath the bed in a bottle filled one-quarter