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had this type of roof, also in poor repair, and similar black
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charitable movement. The theatres also joined in the
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the tongue fhould be cut without reafon, or too long
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30th. — He died to-day, and the 2}ost mortem examination
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through the capsule the force is furnished by the pressure of blood in
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but was worthy of our full confidence ; that the charges that have been
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of Gulf. His services terminated April 27, 1865. He
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of pneumonia disinfection of the sputa alone is not sufficient, but
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The digestive discomforts are more or less continuous,
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Of the various antiseptic substances above described, the per-
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24 Pantzer, H. 0.: Case of emphysema of the abdominal wall after laparotomy.
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We apprehend that this is true only of pleural adhesions
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ful produces in those vaccinated the condition known as vaccinia or
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In this book four-fifths of the space is devoted to
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position that the nerve receives a shock, and the function is
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ergosterol or cholesterol?" Windhaus said 7-dihydrocholesterol or "viosterol."
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pituitary extract in doses of 2 c.c, or when pituitary substance in
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internal organ may lead to serious complications and death. In adults
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holds also for the influence of salts on the rate of diffusion of KC1 into
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Geographical distribution. — Though hydatid disease occurs in
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In both cases the cause was the walk taken by the pupils of a school. One of
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varying amounts. The alveolar contents were rarely hemorrhagic,
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and appear to centre in the right iliac fossa; they may also radiate in
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best. It is best taken with the food ; given with milk it is thus
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River and is dominated by the famous Fieidelberg Castle which overlooks the
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trouble, which are otherwise sure to follow, may be
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thus judged of their depths in the eye relative to that of the iris. Brewster,f by means
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dency to help wounded comrades off the field is to have men
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strain while hot; the mineral separates on cooling, it
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Foreign Body in the Nose. — The patient was shown by Dr.
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on the topics, arrangements, and illustrations in regard to which we ex-
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The other tube was opened and mixed with water, and the four remaining
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Quarterly Journal of Medicine in the production of which Dr
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educational and informational. All material published in The
proprietor's personal profit. But under the circumstances it can-
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no deaths while in another series of twentv-seven cases,
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the thigh sufficiently tight to stop the venous circula-
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the operation, even though there be no other signs of strangulation present.
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inquiry regarding tlie health of the babe, the mother
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the pericardium in its lower three-quarters. In this irregularly
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despite its ability to occlude the nidus of a lesion. Ethyl