Volini Spray For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Vol. II. General Diseases (continued). Diseases caused by Parasites, Diseases determined

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sence. Where then, again, is the vital principle? Or

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■ Hugh Logan Calder, M.D.. F.F.P. & S. Glasg., Leiih,

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they may be protected from the action of the optochin in full strength,

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examination to be upon the subjects of English education, and Greek and Latin

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and 9 hour specimens were combined so that the tests were actually made with

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The development of tetany after operation upon the thyroid is not in-

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moval in great part in the course of a month, reducing it to

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fluid contents and blood, the patient dying of the symptoms of compression.

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and the portion above the attachment of the vocal cords of the

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W. E. Lower, who believed that a small stone low down in the ureter

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long after the oedema elsewhere had disappeared., The author thinks

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possible, or only when really needed, they would live longer, suffer less and

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velum interpositum, and pineal gland. Sinus filled with

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detail. There is evidently on the paralysed side in the upper

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and surrounded, moreover, by a forest scenery which

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cases of typhoid, may have had fever for ten days or two weeks before

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father's claim : ''Men used steam to propel boats be-

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beads, etc., occasionally get lodged in the passage of the ex-

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as a poultice, are highly useful in hastening the disappearance

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He thinks, therefore, that they have penetrated into these cells. In animals

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thereof; and, lastly, that the concurrence of these conditions

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ago (which proved to be tuberculosis beginning in the epididymis),

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abdomen and rigidity at the upper part. I saw the patient at 6.30