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intermuscular and areolar spaces. Massage thereby overcomes
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that the destructive process might be carried beyond the uric acid stage,
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to every crevice and corner in the building. This operation
" anemic " murmurs in the second left interspace and
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powered the laboring stomach, you induce dyspeptia, and for
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knowledge of the subject, by devoting a few leisure moments to
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G. G. Campbell, M.D. The question of prognosis seems to me to
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needle be used. The duration of the treatment is variable,
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that they stimulate the glands while passing by them in the
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the second lot, all took the disease, and all died. Mr. Wm. Hope, who
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much milk, and sometimes from bad milk, and is often from
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June. — Habit; Soldiers Cared For; Sores; Greed of Gold ;
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23d, the ulcer having cicatrized, he was discharged cured.
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ulations. This defect is often apparent in the common varicose ulcer,
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to intimate e that fometimes the humours are forced
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We hope every veterinarian in the State will show the in-
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muscles of the ox, may be found in the pteragoid muscle in the
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Army, forced retirement from, 44 ; report of the sur-
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Surgeon to the Montreal General Hospital ; Professor of Anatomy and Lecturer on
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very short time, entirely free from asthma or phthisic, and as long as you
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subject for a surgical operation, who was relieved of a wen of
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This region of infection Dr. Albers had under his own special
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carelessness. It is by no means rare to meet persons
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square mile. The lighter areas represent the regions of greater density of popu-
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manence of dressiugs ; (3) thorough fixation of parts.
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in that they often result in obstruction, discharge
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(except in those who have ceased to menstruate) upon the surface of
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that one patient, perhaps, will faint on losing only a few ounces
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nerve and its sequence — facial paralysis. He advised
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