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complicated with pericarditis and dropsy, that was treated with quinine, iron,

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In this case a post-morte m examination was obtained, and

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We shall do well to begin by putting quite away from us the current

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three week old at 60-70 C. and inoculating guinea pigs under the skin with

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down as low as that for cattle. When a horse will learn

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munity which has less venereal disease. I speak here for the whole body

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case. But when the theme is the conservation of public

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coloured fluid was drawn off" from the cavity of the peritoneum,

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comfortable; skin, moist; eyes, anxious; tongue, cracked and red and dry;

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December 12th, while getting out of bed, fell in an unconscious condi-

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ruptions, caused by alopecia syphilitica; this condition

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a.s identical, and assume that the resulting form of

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reappear in proportionately larger quantities. According to the same

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marks based on a Further Experiment with Calomel in Diph-

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and connective-tissue wall of the tubule. As the growths increii^e in

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It shall require a favorable two-thirds vote of the members present at the meet-

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to exert any injurious influence on mother or child.

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delay in opening the abscess, it will dissect the subcutaneous cellular

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in color, containing blood. Pus is found, if at all, in those

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clearly shown in these records — 1st, That the disease frequently

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On being allowed to get out of bed. jiatient could walk a few

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tumour. Its adhesions, which were very broad and extensive, covered the

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ultimately recover in whom the mercury has been given internally ;

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successful candidate is required to subscribe to a printed

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to gross structural alterations of the retina, alterations which

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of these ideas by associations of various kinds, on which depends the growth of

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able" nostrums supported by the countless number and variety

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cases time and an expectant treatment will suffice to brin;^