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healed. Upon examining the wrist-Joint after the amputation, they found about a drachm of
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hold of the tongue of the infant with forceps, make forcible traction
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tion of this seems twofold. It is a well-known fact that a traumatic or
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1. Barnicot, J. The iodine reaction in the leucocytes. J num. of Path,
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employ the physicians' perception, judgment and knowledge to find out what is
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may save much pain and expense, and enjoy good health
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and the New York State Chapter of the American Col-
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as a foreign body, and a special action (perhaps putrid) which alters
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the islands have portal areas at or near their centers.
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Johnson's method, and an illustration is given of his hng-localizcr,
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regularly, but while some improved or healed, the results as a
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ciating pain; general peritonitis by extension of inflam-
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the uterus with the subperitoneal effusion of a large quantity of blood
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fermentation, the proteids are pi'otected from the action of micro-organisms.
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Catalogue of the Library of the Royal College of Physicians of
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island, and given to small-poz and ship fever patients a
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and middle lobes of the right lung, a number of cysts, some of
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vated. The bold and unblushing assertion of the empiric
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surgery, was erroneous in principle. All professions
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present purpose of maintaining throughout, and ultimately, so far
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do, as persons addicted to ardent spirits suffer considerably
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was turbid, and depolited a whitifh earthy fedimenfi
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which, on examination, proves to be the long suppressed ^. /tf-
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papers of Rochester and other settlements commented enthusiastically in each
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latitude I have ever been stationed at. The mineral productions are
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of the palisade and other layers, and they have also been demonstrated
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and the solid nitrate of silver rubbed in every three days for
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Smith, 1904 e] <J. Roy. Micr. Soc, Lond. (2), Apr., p. 185. [W a , W* W 8 .]