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Birmingham, which was numerously attended ; Lord Brougham
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tient to a combined treatment by the tincture of iodine in large
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render this position of the pelvic wall too inextensible to permit
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vidual with mitral incompetence is able to climb a mountain
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large carcinomatous uteri, and large myomata of the
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or even general anesthesia in extreme cases, there is no
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Soc. of London, vol. xviii., 1867, pp. 11-73.) Thus we have in all
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tice of castration. The usual practice is to castrate the calf from
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Dr. J. A. Larrabee : I would simply say that I have seen a number of
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feature relieved ; relapse in ten days, relieved in forty-eight hours. (In
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collapse, and died in a few hours. In the evening of the same
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tion of the central facial fibres, which is probably about the middle of
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the session was over, I questioned some of these students a little more in-
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cine. On the other hand, if you remember, that there is a possibility
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cure of tuberculosis ? It may act, without doubt, in several ways ; and,
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a producer of heat as a true food, but must be placed in the
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whip consists of two small copper plates insulated from each other,
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urine was examined : the color was dark ; the reaction,
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42 c.c. ; they were acid in reaction, and consisted of a buff-
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nevertheless, true that many cases of laryngeal diphtheria are relieved with-
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and its application. Electricity as a means of Diagnosis, and Electro-