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Apothecaries' Hall. — The following gentlemen passed their ex-
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wood that drunkenness had been on the increase during the past few
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nobody does think so ; only it seems a good plan to make a teacher
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part of the members of the Council present that, for some reason, these
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Before offering suggestions as to the mode of study, he made some
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issued. — I. In future, all Certificates of Lectures, or Hospital Lectures,
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subjects in the examination in General Kducation.— C^/a.^^m'. Natural History
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of Parkes found therewith correspond very closely in their microscopic
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precautions for isolation and disinfection of patients and their surround-
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Clark, and Charles Hawkins, who are mentioned to us as the three next
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sembling barm on Saturday, Februarj' 1 2th, 1S70. The bowels had not
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referred to his head as the seat of his sufferings, and complained of pain
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ing simple questions, he confines himself to the movement of the harjd
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the following time, she appeared much alarmed at a red precipitate in
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majority. The motion for the adoption of the Report was carried ; and
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public to regard Poor-law medical reformers in the light of trades
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tenable ; because some of the anaesthetic vapour or gases support com-
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of the Acts as applied to women only. There was abundant evidence
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they knew the evils of drinking better than any one could tell them.
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necessarily present. I leave out of account that varicose condition of
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Now, when water is drained off from the blood by the bowels, the
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stowed on the sick and wounded rarely did more than stave off death
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Its apex. The left lung was also congested, and firmly adlierent by its
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(Second Class Honours) ; Alexander Macdougall, Scotland (Second Class
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Pressure applied upon one or both of these nerves will now and then
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the sewage difficulty. According to the Warwick Advertiser, the Local
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the means prescribed by medical science for controlling and suppressing
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and that its effects on the combatants are very much that of senatorial
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Illustrated in detail. He instanced, in passing, a sulphur tcnchant
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blood in various parts of the body, and very characteristic scorbutic
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not believe that tliis difference in general opinion can be explained on
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still anxious to have something more done, I operated on June 24th for
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sense of his exertions in procuring the recent Pharmacy Bill, and in
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one to think that the one object in life — at any rate in student life
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as Sydenham remarks, "the condition of the atmosphere which favours
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anatomical purposes, owing to its changing the colour of the tissues.
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ment was essential to solve the questions involved. — Dr. Schulhof
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Mr. Goschen asked if, on the area being enlarged, greater time
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Secretary to reconsider his decision as to the area to be included in the