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sooner or later observed. In the second stage of the affection, there
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immemorial by the laity as well as by doctors for helping the
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exhausting the patient by too much disturbance. Seltzqr
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frequently it occurs in outbreaks restricted to a kingdom or province,
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Public vaccinators. — -A general impression prevails that it is no part
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as a parasite to five to 40 red corpuscles. Williams states that the
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value in the acute uraemia of the renal disease here under con-
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aseptic fluid. Carbolic acid and permanganate of potash are the two
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ation from this rule often causes the colt to resist all
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tions to the rule ; and it is important that I should point out to you
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the exception of the years 1849-56, he has been here as student,
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part played by each of these various conditions in a given case, nor
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of chromic acid is heated in the solution supposed to contain alcohol ; a
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must have ensued, with consequent haemorrhage, the tediousness
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lungs, but there was no dulness on percussion anywhere over
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Where mares are kept in bands herded by stallions, it often
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to the attractiveness of a program already rich and instructive.
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as (unlike the pharyngeal lierpes described by Dr Eustace Smith,
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following figures taken from observations on three different individuals
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total nitrogen, creatin and ammonia output in the urine showed higher
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in nephritis. This difference has been brought to light by examination
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much purer quality than ihe tank and river water previously used.
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in health nor disease does putrefaction occur in them.
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sheds. If all cases were reported to the State Board of Health
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the first use of the term " tone " it evidently must have its
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(61), v. 11, Jan., pp. 30-34, figs. a-e. [W a , W m .]
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70). Multiple infections of mounds have no significance. The
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there is never the least danger if it falls regularly, and if the inhalation is
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sponse to the demands for the unusual exertion of this
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lateral cartilage, these must be scraped or cut off before
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deplores the disastrous consequences which had resulted from its
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local antisyphilitic treatment that it is being slowly superseded as