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Dr. Haven thought that there was an actual increase

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The commonest type of poisoning by substances actually present in the

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Although patients complain of palpitation of the heart, auscul-

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President of the Association. For many years Dr. Sewell was

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pass cures so that even most distinguished men believe

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Children already wearing glasses should be treated with such glasses

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involve grave, acute symptoms, as in Pinard's fatal case, where

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because a reader who is trying to learn about gonorrhoea will be unable

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injections were commenced the moment the initial tubercle eruption

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the infliction of wounds ; wounds resulting from stones or other

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380 B AiiTnoLOW, Aneurisms of Arteries at Base of Brain. [Oct.

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constituent of the hepatic tissue, and does not exist in the blood with

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The main object of this article is to warn persons that the

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P. XXVI." ; . . I saw that several chymists had, by a laudable

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cians, disguising their remedies, as is now quite possible, by the use of