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besides the cooling I have spoken of it is also proper the day after sickening to give such

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process of spontaneous straightening lasts usually two to four years. If

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be supposed that the ciliary muscle is also contracted.

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stopped at once; if there is shock lower the head and give a little

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hydrochloric acid in the stomach to a strength sufficient to inhibit

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charges which anaerobic wounds furnish. The other is the tetanus

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nished by experience will be a great aid to our succes-

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nearly to what hu calls the "threshold of pain." In

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tenth is used for medicinal purposes. Druggists assure us that

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in thickness. The superficial inguinal lymph glands were no-

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ages of carbon dioxide are respired, the respirations become both deeper

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The President said that although it was quite possible

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are partly cooked. Eice requires rapid boiling; the motion of the cleanser vs cetaphil

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likely to be any departure from the general rule ; the only known

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external incision. Velpeau previously had removed them through

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other valuable food yielding this ballast is the outer grain of wheat, oats,

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temporo-sphenoidal lobe turned into abscess. Abscess wall of old standing ;

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who will not sleep better after its use." In the majority of cases, how-

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fessional men, the surgeon-general, in his annual report

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M. Diday is one of the recognised authorities on syphilis, and

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of this coast is frequently of a deep alluvial character, and of compara-

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not unlike a villus ; it has a definite epithelial covering, a vessel

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ment, and detection of electric currents, primary and secondary cells,

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with spots of inflammation or inflammatory deposit. The fluid in the ven-

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the eoraco-brachialis muscle. In two instances it gave off a smaller branch

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to the unmerited reproach that is heaped upon those of the learned pro-

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worms, give such things as will kill them. If there be a fe-

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is frequent palpitation, which may follow even the least

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the muscular paralysis progressed rapidly ; so that when he entered Cruveil-