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Anodyne Balls. — Camphor, opium, oil of carraway, of each
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McNULTY, Frederick J., 1609 Tremont St., Eoxbury, Boston —
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hypertrophous, in consequence of the increased obstacles
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cheek, usually with distinctly circumscribed, deeply congested edges,
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opportunities. , The record of individual cases, illustrative
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but has occurred bet^'een the fourth and thirteenth days.
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principal symptoms have disappeared, and incapacitates
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derived from pathology of the disease and does not assume or presup-
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cure of perhaps ninety-five per cent of the catarrhal cases,
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other words 18 per cent, is awanting. The great prevalence of bright
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commenced the inunction treatment, continuing this, with two hot
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and treatment, as might be supposed, are in strict correspon-
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teach him, persevere in the instructions until you succeed. The
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seeking for pathogenetic features of disease ; but in their
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without betraying much viciousness. Indeed, one gentleman ventured
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all particulars, can the probabilities be determined, and
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displayed in investigating pehrine. He ascertained that
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uelle, Gilbert and Girode, Charrin and Eoger, Naunyn, A. Frankel, and
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standing, one on rheumatism with heart disease, and one on severe
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seton in the neck, will perhaps do good. When giddiness, head-
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Gross appearance. — Entire basal zone same pathology as noted above.
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Children under 3 months of age should not be vaccinated unless
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specific gravity of 1046.2 while on a mountain it was 1066.1.
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Tarions human intelligences to be so graduated as to form a great lineal
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ideas to keep progress with the times, to say nothing
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1st Vice-Presidenij Dr. Abraham Coles, of Essex Co.
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which lies underneath the ribs and spinal column, within the cavity of the chest,
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controlled trials published in the preceding seven years. 65