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incorporate into the different sections into which this work is

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An excellent dressing for the nipple for the last two months is a rough, coarse

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Let us consider some of these statements more carefully.

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previously a mass of coal fell on his leg and knocked him down.

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ence the quantity of urine excreted, and can compel complete

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It is otherwise in respect of pernicious intermittent fevers. They

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the result that, weight for weight, the resin from P. emodi was

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Pmgglsts and Pharmacenttots, 188 Broadway, N.T.. near Cortlandt st

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neal cavity in a degree thorough enough to satisfy us that the per-

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Experiment 12. — Dog; 5.5 kg. Faint trace of albumin in urine before sali-

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disease. Special interest is attached to this bacillus, as it was the first

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neurosurgery, anesthesia, and psychiatry, all of which are used in

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was bled in the course of nine hours to the extent of sixty

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carefully conducted hospitals for the sick, possessing a very

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In a third case (1894 ; age 1 year 4 months; ill thirteen days with cough ;

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I have not. though, taken a sufficient number of thermometrical observations

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could be pei-formed on the female, but it was a (juicker

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upwards of thirty per 1,000 of the employed ; but it did

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the operation. Incision five inches long; eleven and a half pints of fluid re-

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ducts. The problem of the proper portioning of air ducts is by no

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faces over the anterior margins of the plates. The necessary

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toms. The character of the prodromal rash varies. In 10 cases it was a

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experiments upon the movements of plants myself, but the crudeness of those

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troops, from the first case at Siboney on July 6th to the

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native species in Sheridan county, near Parkman. Thus far

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diomyopathy due to myocarditis can be devastating even

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pitchers and bowls were provided, but usually the stu-

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The loss in the animal body is of two kinds — (1) That

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a tumour, a ramollissement, a degeneration of the brain, but

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exist. Medicine is far from being an exact science. The case,

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surgeons under difl'erent conditions of operative teclinique with ditt'erent

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ments for the very moment of my return. I recollect