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in no rc,sj)('ct (lifl'cronf from the; hospital for acute dis-
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coma — or, at least, that their occurrence should be so exceptional as
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spasm, before, of course, surgical anji'sthesia is arrived at, and not
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In applying it the operator stands behind the patient who is seated
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be admitted to impair the mental faculties and to4hat extent
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Haygarth, of Chefter ; and Dr. Percival of Manchefter. See
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one variety of this disease has been termed gonorrhceal rheumatism.
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23, 24 and 26 Photomicrographs respectively of the same fibers shown in
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thin as a skeleton's. Fibrillary tremors are noticeable in the del-
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thinning of flesh, loss of strength, and an increasing shortness of breath in walking a little fast,
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the care and treatment of curable and incurable cases of tuberculosis
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peculiar complexity of the subject and the difficulty there is in
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take all the power out of the nose, and it will not get sore,
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have been referred to as "the new lepers” and as irra-
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cured by placing the fowl on an exclusive diet of unpolished or red rice. There
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the most intense pain. Even the most skilful physicians had
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parts of the body. One of these tumors was situated in the
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Gaseous Emboli. — Considering the position of the syringe
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circles. In spite of his friendship with the Moorish
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intimate with Dr. Jones coi;ld realise how much the profession had
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attack ; but many so treated, pass the remainder of their lives
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A chance introduction on the Laramie Experiment Farm, Sep-
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9 Emanuel EJ, Emanuel LL: Proxy decision making for incompetent pa-
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and the scientific points connected with this unhappy affair, are perceived
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the hospital, and may be the case Osier mentions in his article, as
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(f.sol.) and to the commissural nucleus of Cajal in the mid-dorsal region. The
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Metabolism in Disease and their Importance in Clinical Medicine. Boston
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It has been repeatedly shown that the fasciculus cortico-
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specially weak individuals to administer an ounce of
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from paroxysms of intense pain in the chest, back, and
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unit is free from it. It is sometimes 3 or 4 months before vou can
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