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during the distension of the intra-thoracic aorta, there must be

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vulsions after birth, and Case X. had fits at two years of

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injury of the bone. Of the features of the cast, the most marked is the

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which are turned in, then folding the whole into a cylinder, and

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20 pounds of wood in cooking for a hundred men, instead of several

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to the old saw, talent is something but tact is every-

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tine is to prove a successfiil instrument, it must ne M

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Of Ammonia, L. — Solution of ammonia, 1 oz., olive oil,

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whole subject, particularly from the physiological side, but supported

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half a pound of white sugar and one teacupful of good yeast ;

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but microscopically tlieir contours are seen to be irregular. They may be

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of the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx have ai>-

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22. Jennings WK, Russell WO: Phlebothrombosis associated with mucin-

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The collection and determination of the plants of the

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an Oxytocic, but these may suffice for the purpose in view.

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the ring finger were not afiected. There were no appearances

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(the homoeopathic triturations furnish the most convenient form)

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erties. After these irrigations there always remains a considerable quantity

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of any of such noxious weeds may be such as is required to be given by

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Some think it will cure almost anything among the vast variety of stom-

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latrine pits to the food of officers and men, and the flies were not

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training as is needed for similar posts in the home country,

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have made a practice of giving medicines calculated

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effusion which deserves special attention, and that is the tubercular

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macy and Chemistry of the American Medical Association. The

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was done a little tremblingly at .first,. from the adverse current of pop*

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was done without entering the general cavity. Finding it impossible

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experiment, that the two fundamental laws of the non-living world,

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mus^ consider the surgical treatment of the above three classes of tumors.

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of exuded fibrinous or other newly formed matter, adhering from the tongue

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was due to this obstruction (cardiac afiections, cirrhosis).

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Macina, Gregory. Clinical Instructor in Medicine (Cour-

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the pain had somewhat simulated that of angina pectoris.

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from E to 10 E, is identical with the relative increase in rate of diges-

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hours, then following the purgative action purify the blood, deplete, and

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understood and indeed must be generally advisable. In military practice,

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gives the horse one more chance; but their chances are poor when they