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Treatment. — A permanent cure cannot be made if the disease

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If these words come before one who is conscious of having made a

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presence of an enyironmraital factor before as well as after birth,

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of affairs which the embolic theory failed to account for. It

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I. — Cases where the symptoms continue after the original cause

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usually short-lived ; but Natter states that Germano

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there are two wards in the upper, and two in the lower

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removed by means of a string which is tied around it. After its

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and follow my method of practice, which it pleased God to teach

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related to bacteriology can reappear after an interval of nearly two

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abscess was entirely healed. The treatment was conducted throughout under

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associated areas. Of the 244 cases With a systolic murmur at the apex, this

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He proceeds to give a very clear aeoount of the peculiarities of the vertebrate


tebrae can be readily examined, carious or necrosed bone can be

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enlarged on a conductor. Two days afterwards the apertnre had in part

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Osier makes the statement that acute bronchitis is probably a microbic

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(as sometimes happened,) both Vapour and water baths produced

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This was an interesting delivery. There was a malpresentation